On Saturday, July 24, the world went out for a walk, a photo walk.

This was the third annual Worldwide Photo Walk organized by Scott Kelby. For those of you who don’t know who Scott Kelby is, just go check out http://www.scottkelby.com. This was my second time leading a walk and instead of sticking to my neighborhood of Ocean Beach I decided to lead a walk into the heart of downtown San Diego during the San Diego Comic Con. For more on the comic con, check out the recent blog posts.

The walk was a crazy mix of super heroes, zombies and aliens…. and a group of very brave photographers. ¬†Thanks to all of you for coming out.

These are my shots from the walk.

There is also a flickr gallery for the shots from the walk HERE and from the whole walk HERE. If you were on my walk, and you have photos elsewhere, add the link int he comments here so everyone can get a look.