One of the things that has kept me so busy the last few month is the new album from Mark Karan called WALK THROUGH THE FIRE. I worked with Mark on the album layout and artwork using two of my images and one from Photographer Herbie Greene. There was also a lot of photoshop used to get the look just right and I wouldn’t have been able to do the work on the back ┬ácover without OnOne PhotoFrame plugin and ┬áNIK software Color Efex Pro.

This morning I was sent an email with the link to the album on iTunes. It officially will be released on June 30th but can be pre ordered now. I already have the album, thats one of the perks of working on it, that website and the magazine and web ads. But to see my artwork on iTunes is really cool.


If you would rather buy thr actual album, which I recommend so that you can see the great artwork on the back and inside, you can do that at all the regular places and at