There are two new podcasts that you should be listening to…. and a whole bunch of others that you should already be listening to. The new podcasts are “He Shoots, He Draws” hosted by my great friends Glyn Dewis (the “he shoots” part) and Dave Clayton (he’s the one who draws). The second podcast is “Picturing Success” which is hosted by two more great friends, Rick Sammon and Larry Becker. 

The He Shoots, He Draws podcast is technically a podcast about photography and design, but is in reality a discussion between two creative guys about things that are going on in our industry. It’s a very honest look at things that are going well, things that are really annoying, and what the current state of photography and design really is. The sheer enjoyment that these two have talking about their industries is infectious, making this more like listening in on a private conversation. Right now they are on Episode 6 (which I am listening to as I write this) and it’s a brutally honest look at the business advice that people sell to creatives. Well worth the listen. You can find out more about Dave and Glyn and their podcast HERE and if you want to hear the episode where they had me on, it’s Episode 4. It was a real pleasure to be on the show with these two as we have been great friends for years. I actually got to spend some time with both Dave and his family and Glyn and his wife last year when I was traveling in England. 

Next up is Larry and Rick, who have a created a podcast trying to help other creatives. I have known these two for years, as I was the technical editor for a few of Ricks books when we both wrote for Wiley.  I met Larry back in 2009 when I was part of the Photoshop Worked Dream Team. Larry was really helpful and supportive to a first time instructor. These guys got together and have started to record episodes covering a huge variety of photographic subjects and they have a serious lineup of guests. You can find the podcast HERE with my episode HERE. it was a real please to sit and talk to Larry for their podcast. Some of the other guests they have had include Frank Doorhof, Chris Smith, Art Wolfe, Steve Brazill, and Mike Kubeisy. You really should give these guys a listen.

Here are some of the other Podcasts that I listen to and think you should as well.

What are your favorite podcasts?