I have a lot of books.

I also have a couple of repeats on my book shelf. Many of these are books that I worked on in some form, either wrote or edited. Since space is at a premium in my office and I don’t need multiple copies of the same book I am going to start giving them away on twitter.

Once in a while I will post a book I am going to give away and all you have to do to win is ReTweet the message.

It helps if you follow me on Twitter, that way you will know when I am going to give something away.

The first book, Studio and Location Lighting by Rick Sammon was given away this morning. I was the technical editor on this book and think it is a winner. Congratulations to @libertynance for winning the first random drawing.

So, follow me on Twitter and maybe get a free book. My twitter name is ShotLivePhoto. http://twitter.com/shotlivephoto