A triptych usually refers to a  is a work of art which is divided into three sections, or three panels which are hinged together and folded. I recently have been creating images using three separate images as a single photograph.



These triptych have been getting more views and more comments than the usual single images. Creating the triptych is pretty simple using Lightroom and Photoshop.

Lets use the John Legend image as an example.

The first step is to identify the images that can be used in the triptych. The goal is to look for three images in portrait mode that were all taken at roughly the same distance and similar lighting. Lightroom is great for this. Here I have selected three of the John Legend photos to use.


The key is what to do next. With all three images selected I right click and select the “Open as layers in photoshop” option


Once the file is in photoshop the first thing I do is change the orientation to landscape and create two new guides, the first at 33.33% and the other at 66.66%


Then I select all three layers and edit: transform: rotate to get the layers back to portrait mode.


The next step is to spread out the three layers 


I start by selecting the image that will the left image and get it centered between the left edge and the first guide. I then select the image that will be the center of the triptych and change the layer order so that the image is on top of the left image. I then change the opacity so that the images can be aligned. 


I then select the area that overlays the image below and delete it.


The third image, the one that will be on the right is then placed on top of the two below it. 


The opacity is reduced and the image is aligned with the two below it. The opacity is then changed back to 100% and the area that overlaps the image below it is removed.  


Save the file, that’s it, you’re done.