If you are into photography, you have probably heard that Nikon has released a new DSLR, the Nikon Df. Lets talk about the spec first and then I will go into why I think this camera might just be one that a lot of people have been waiting for.


The Nikon Df uses a 16.2 MP FX format sensor. It has a single card slot that takes SD cards. The shutter speed range is 30 seconds to 1/4000 second. the ISO range is 100 – 12,800 with the ability to go to ISO 50 (Lo-1) and all the way up to ISO 204,800 (Hi-4). The camera has 39 AF points selectable in 9, 21, 0r 39 (3D – Tracking). If you want to know all the nitty-gritty specs then check out Nikonusa.com who have put together a lot of information on this camera including some videos from the photographers who have already had this camera in their hands.

Now here is why I think this camera might just be the one a lot of photographers are looking for. To understand why, we need to look back to when Nikon released the D3. The D3 was a  real game changer. It became the low light camera that every wedding, concert and sports photographer wanted. The problem was that the camera cost a ton. Then Nikon did something that I never thought they would do, the put that D3 chip into a less expensive camera body, the Nikon D700. I have said in the past that the D700 was the best camera that Nikon ever made. they took that amazing D3 chip and put it into a smaller, lighter, cheaper body. The D700 was my camera of choice until the D4 came out.

Nikon just did it again. Never mind the retro look to the camera, Nikon just took the D4 chip and put it in a camera that is $3,000 which is half the price of the Nikon D4. Now, you do lose a little. You only get 5.5 frames per seconds instead of 10. You don’t get the speed of the XQD cards and 39 focus points instead of 59. But you get the low light capability of the D4 chip for HALF THE PRICE.

No video. This camera does not shoot video. As a concert shooter, this is not an issue. the removal of the video stuff made the camera lighter and thinner. I know I won’t miss it.

Now for  the looks. I am going to reserve my judgement until I actually see one and hold one. I have big hands and am a little concerned as to the size of the dials and buttons, but I think it looks pretty good in the photos.


(images from NikonUSA.com)