The Flash Bus rolled through San Diego on March 17th. David Hobby & Joe McNally, both masters of the small flash spent the day enlightening and lighting up the eager San Diego audience. Dave starts the day explaining how the light in your images works and how to build the lighting up starting with the ambient light. After lunch, Joe takes over with the live shoot part of the day moving really fast from one light all the way up to 60 speedlights. Yup. 60.

Some of the Flashes used by Joe. He said small flash, not one flash….

Flashes, batteries, and a whole slew of clamps…

Documenting the day…

David pleading for us to try manual mode… ¬†Actually having David deconstruct the lighting in his images was an amazing learning experience.

Joe on stage…. TTL all the way from here on out…. ¬†unless manual is the way to go.

Drew… This whole thing was his fault..

Look at that hair… it’s Bieber perfect

What David does when Joe is onstage… at least he wasn’t triggering Joes speedlights…


If the Flash Bus is coming to your town and there are any spots left, grab one. It is a great day of training.

The Flash Bus :

Big thanks to Adorama and Jeff Snyder for sponsoring and answering all the questions I had. The Flash Bus crew are amazing. The rock, they roll and then they do it all again. With a smile on their faces