I use the Sony A700 and I am always on the outlook for updates to the firmware from Sony. With the release of the A900, a firmware upgrade to the A700 was leaked and downloaded. 

This has prompted a reply from Sony to be posted here: http://news.sel.sony.com/electronicsblog/?p=30

UPDATE: September 9, 2008

Hello again from Mark Weir, in Sony’s Digital Imaging group.

Since yesterday, we’ve seen a number of comments in this and other forums regarding new firmware for ?700.  Although the news of this development didn’t happen quite the way we had intended, we can acknowledge that we’ll soon make available a firmware upgrade for ?700 on Sony’s eSupport website. 

We are always listening to your feedback, and we are aware of the concern expressed for ?700 Noise Reduction and EV bracketing.  Borrowing from some of the development for ?900, we’ve developed new ?700 firmware with expanded EV bracketing (±2EV/3shots) for High Dynamic Range composting, as well as Noise Reduction “off” for those who prefer the control of post processing NR. 

We will make these updates (and some others) officially available on Sep 16th at http://esupport.sony.com.


We’ll have more news available as we approach Sep 16th, and we appreciate your patience!”