I used Bridge to import the images from my Arizona trip  and converted the files to DNG on import. The first thing is to make sure  it easy to find the start and end of the panorama sequence and this is even more important when shooting more than one panorama in a session. The technique I use was first introduced to me by Scott Kelby in a Photoshop.

I hold up one finger in front of the lens before taking the first shot and then holding up two fingers in front of the lens after the last image. This makes it really easy to find the panorama files when in Bridge.


I then select the image between the two finger photos and click tools > Photoshop > Photomerge


Photoshop then launches and open the Photomerge menu.


And Photoshop does the rest, and does it amazingly well.


A little cropping and a simple white border combined with a touch of NIK filters and the Sedona Panorama is done


More on the Nik filters used in a later post.