I have just returned from a very funny evening. Robin Williams brought his “Weapons of Self Destruction” tour to San Diego and I was lucky enough to be the only photographer in the house. So you might be looking at this post and wondering why there are no images. Thats because one of the stipulations of shooting the show is that all images have to be approved by his publisist.  This means that I have to sort, edit and pick 10 -15 images that then have to be emailed through the promoters to the publicist and then they get to tell me which ones can be used.

Why did I agree to this? Because it’s Robin Freakin Williams.  

I love stand up comedy and he has always been one of my idols and when you get an opportunity to shoot one of your idols, take it.  You never know if it will happen again.

So hopefully in a week or so I will be able to write a complete post on what it is like shooting this show.