Last night I photographed Rise Against at the Viejas Arena. the band rocked, the lights were awesome. The combination of the D700 and the D4 was mostly great (more on that in a minute). The pit was not overly crowded. All in all a really good concert shoot from start to finish.

Ok… well not everything went as planned. When I arrived at the venue, there was no photo pass. Now I had been approved, I had the email to prove it, but there was no photo pass and it was Sunday and 9:30pm on the East coast where the publicist was based. I had very little hope that the situation would be resolved but one vice mail and a follow-up email and my photo pass was suddenly at the will call window…. Awesome when things like that work out.

Now for the other slight problem… I had the focus modes set differently on the two camera bodies. The D4 was set to dynamic autofocus and the D700 was set to single point. I have always been a fan of the single point autofocus but the dynamic autofocus on the D4 is really good…. really really good. So when i was using the D700, I kept expecting it to work like the D4 and it didn’t….. Just one of those things that will take getting used to.

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