Adobe has updated Photoshop CC and they did it in a way that is not only annoying but a big step backwards. When Adobe announced the Creative Cloud subscription model, the idea was that instead of the 18 month update cycle, the applications would be updated as needed. No waiting for the another big update every couple of years but instead they would just push out updates as they happened. That seemed to be the plan until yesterday.

Now Adobe has released a new version of Photoshop (and other applications, but I really only care about Photoshop) and instead of updating the version on my computer, a brand new version was downloaded. Thats right, now I have two versions of Photoshop running on my computer. There is the Photoshop CC and the Photoshop CC (2014). I now have to go back and re install all my extras, plugins, etc…

So instead of the one smooth application constantly updated, I now have two versions again and this flies directly in the face of the reason that Adobe used when trying to get everyone to buy into the Creative Cloud subscription. The whole smooth, constantly upgraded idea seemed to be fine on paper but not in reality.