Being the house photographer for a multi purpose venue means I get to photograph some really fun stuff. Last night I got to photograph the Los Angeles Lakers vs the Sacramento Kings in the last preseason NBA game. Seriously, I got to sit on the floor and photograph an NBA game… how cool is that?

Now, this was not the first basket ball game that I had shot….

But let me tell you something, The level of play at the NBA level is really fast and to make things more interesting, it is also really dark. All the images taken were shot at ISO 3200 on the Nikon D4 and D700 at shutter speeds between 1/500 and 1/800. I used a wide variety of lens ranging from the 16mm fisheye to the 400mm f/2.8

I took way too many photos. on purpose. (well, I think I would have anyway, but I had a good reason this time)

I was using the new Hoodman CompactFlash 1000x cards in both the D4 and D700 and they rocked. Having a 32GB card in the D700 meant not having to worry about running out of space. The card can store over 1000 raw images and the card is really fast so the buffer empties pretty fast. The real test was on the D4 side where i have been limited by the XQD cards. Now I like the XQD cards, I won’t lie, but shooting speed is just one side of the equation, downloading the images to the computer is the other. And since my Macbook Pro doesn’t have a USB 3 port, the fastest card reader I can use is the Firewire 800 CompactFlash reader.

Using this card reader with the new 1000x Hoodman CompactFlash cards meant I could download the images way faster. I managed to download a 32GB card and a 16GB card before a single 16GB  XQD card was finished ingesting over USB. Actual speed and times to come later, but right now, the speed increase I get in downloading means I will be using the CompactFlash cards as my main cards in the D4 with the XQD as the overflow.