Last Sunday, while at the Los Angles Strobist Seminar, I was talking to one of the other participants about shooting at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. I mentioned that they had one of the most restrictive photo releases and that I would post a copy of it here.

Well, here it is. I have removed all the show information and photographer information so that no one gets in trouble. Click on the release to make it larger. One of my favorite parts is this

“The license hereby granted to you to photograph and/or video record the artist is limited to to the above grant only and NO right to sell, license or reproduce the material for advertising or commercial purposes (eg., for use as posters, calenders, T-shirts, biographies, etc.) either to be sold, to be distributed free or to be otherwise exploited in any many whatsoever. Nor may any material arising from the said session be reproduced in any publication devoted exclusively or predominately to the artist unless prior permission has been obtained from management.”

Any grammatical mistakes are theirs, not mine, including the “any many whatsoever”.