Last night I had the privilege to shoot One Eskimo at Anthology here in San Diego. One Eskimo is Kristian Leontiou, Adam Falkner on drums, Jamie Sefton on bass & horns and Peter Rinaldi on guitar and they create great music.
The venue is not your typical bar by any stretch of the imagination. A sit down dinner venue with great sound and fantastic food. It also meant that the lighting was dim… really dim. You know that its going to be a tough shoot when the band manager tells you that its going to be dark, really dark. I cranked the ISO on the Nikon D700 up to 3200 and hoped for the best.
Shot at ISO 3200 1/60 of a second at f/2.8
ISO 3200 1/40 of a second at f/2.8
One of the great things about shooting at Anthology is that the building is three stories tall so there are some great angles down onto the stage that are just not possible anywhere else.
ISO 3200 1/50 of a second and f/2.8
ISO 3200 1/50 of a second and f/2.8
Here is the full gallery of shots from the show. If you get a chance, check out One Eskimo out on tour now.