*** UPDATE ***

Nikonrumors.com is now calling the image fake. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. I still believe that Nikon will release a new DSLR soon, but with the declining economy, it might be a better idea to hold on to it till next year.

The Nikon rumor mill is gearing up in anticipation of the Nikon announcement due later this month. According to Nikon Rumors website, the Nikon D3x will be based on the Sony 24.5 MP sensor used in the Sony A900. 

Nikon has used Sony sensors before but after the negative reviews of the High ISO performance of the Sony A900 I am not sure why Nikon is going this route. The D3 (and the D700) made great gains in converting photographers from other camera manufactures due to the great high ISO performance.

Image from Nikonrumors.com