It seems that the guys over at NAPP and Kelby Training are branching out into a new venture, this time in partnership with Nikon. The first video Podcast is available now through iTunes or from the Dtown website (


First lets talk about the good. Scott and Matt know their gear and have a lot of experience in teaching people and it shows. The tips are quick, and to the point, with the whole podcast lasting about 10 minutes. With tips on setting the white balance, using control points in Capture NX2, using a GPS to store your location, and  a neat trick to set the command dials to use for image previews. The camera breakouts are well done and the tips are nice and short.

Now for the bad. This is just one of those things that could have been avoided but I don’t think anyone thought it through. When Scott is showing how to attach the GPS unit to the camera, the black camera body, the black GPS unit are nearly impossible to see against his black shirt. I know it is a NAPP shirt and it looks cool and all, but it was nearly impossible to see what he was doing.


One other thing on the bad side was the video was rather small, making it very difficult  to actually see what Matt was doing on the screen. I am sure this is a product of keeping the video at a certain size but it makes it tough to  see what is going on.

And the ugly. C’mon guys, that green screen fake background is just horrible. Not only is it weirdly fake looking, it is actually distracting. I found myself looking over Scott and Matt’s shoulders more than at them. Just sit in the studio, it would be less… well, ugly.


Overall, this show has real promise for all levels of Nikon shooters and it is nice to see.