Nik software ( has announced a free upgrade for registered users of their Silver Efex software. The update allows you to edit your images directly from inside Lightroom. The following update is part of Nik Software’s plan to make all their programs compatible with Lightroom.

After you install the program, you will be able to edit your images directly from Lightroom. Just select the image you want to edit and click PHOTO > EDIT IN > Silver Efex Pro


The image is then opened in the stand alone version of Silver Efex Pro. To any one who uses Silver Efex in Photoshop it will look identical. The familiar interface makes it a snap to use.


Once you press save the new image is loaded into Lightroom automatically.


Thats all there is to it.

As with other external editors in Lightroom, the effects cannot be painted on tot he image or used as a separate layer in an image but as a free upgrade to a great plug-in, Silver Efex Pro for Lightroom is a great addition to my  workflow toolbox.