Nikon announced the “Worlds first multimedia playback headset with built-in WI-FI capacity, movie playback”. The Media Port UP300x & UP300

While this might never see the light of day in USA, and it isn’t a camera, it is worth a mention here, if only because it shows a different direction for Nikon and seriously, just look at that Nikon color scheme. 

This innovative product, which incorporates display, headphones, mobile A/V player, Wi-Fi capability, high-capacity memory, and power source in a single compact unit is the first of its type. The UP allows users to easily enjoy high-quality images, videos, and music anywhere. Two UP models will be available—the high-performance UP300x and the basic UP300. The Media Port UP will be available only in Japan through the Nikon Imaging Japan Inc. (Takao Nishioka, President) online UP Store (

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