There is a design and print shop in Nashville that creates iconic posters for a huge variety of events. They have six full-time designer-printers on staff and produce 180,000 posters annually. Their client list is an impressive roster of artists and venues, including creating the posters for the Ryman theater and artists such as Willie Nelson, Beyonce and The rolling Stones. During our recent trip to Nashville we spent a little time checking out the operation.

The really unique thing about Hatch Show Print is that they are a letterpress poster and design shop. They create each poster by hand, no computers…. no Adobe Photoshop, no Adobe illustrator, no high speed printers. Each poster is pulled by hand and each poster needs a full 24 hrs to dry between pulls. This is old school craftsmanship and it really shows in their work. 

The Hatch Show Print is now part of the Country Music Museum and Hall of Fame. You an take tours for the operation (which we did) and even get to make your own poster. 

Letterpress means the text is put in backwards creating a negative so that when the paper os pulled a positive is printed. This means you have to lay everything out backwards. Not that easy to see what it says… “I have loved the stars too fondly –  to be fearful of the night”