I have been seeing the adds for Mpix in magazines for a while, and reviews have been really good. The reason I never used them was because until last week, I did all my printing on a great Epson 4000.  I loved that printer.

It was huge.

It was heavy

It was loud

but it produced great prints and the ink and paper handling was fantastic. There was no reason to change between glossy and matte ink when changing between glossy and matte papers. The problem is that the printhead malfunctioned and will cost over $500 to replace one of the print heads. So I decided not to have it fixed and sent some test files to Mpix to print.

The ease of use and quality was fantastic and the prints were sent out the very next day as promised.

I have now sent 4 different print orders to Mpix and all have been superb. If you need prints, try Mpix.