Adobe recently released Lightroom Ver 2 and I am currently running it on my main production computer. I will have more to say about it after it has been used for a while in real life situations. So far, it is great, with some big changes and some little tweaks. 

This blog entry is actually a plug for the “Guest Blog Wednesday” over at Scott Kelbys Blog. His guest today is Andrew Rodney of and the way he explains the difference between using Lightroom and Photoshop is just great.  It actually made me see both programs in a whole new light.

“Lightroom targets a core user group, provides a unique set of functionality while having the ability to work with lots of images at once. Photoshop is a pixel editor targeted to many groups of users. From day one, it was designed to work on one image at a time.”

The Blog entry can be found  HERE.