During Photoshop World last week, I photographed Scott Diussa during the After Hours party. Here is the quick step by step to get the final look using only Lightroom 5.

STEP 1: Here is the Raw file exactly as it appears in the Lightroom Catalog. This was shot with a Nikon D4 at 1/320 second f/2.8 and ISO 1600

Step - 1

STEP 2: The first thing I do is change the Camera profile to NEUTRAL which takes out some of the vibrance.


STEP 3: I turn on the Lens Correction.


STEP 4: I increase the sharpening and add some noise reduction.


STEP 5: I change the Tone Curve to Medium Contrast.


STEP 6: This is the main one. This is where all the real changes take place. I start with adjusting the White Balance to get rid of some of the weird color cast created by the mixed LED and Incandescent lighting. Then I reduced the exposure by 1/2 stop and increased the contrast. Then I adjusted the Highlights / Shadows and the Whites / Blacks and finally I push the clarity all the way up and reduce the vibrance and increase the saturation. This combination worked for this image under this lighting. It won’t work for all images under all lighting.


STEP 7: I now crop the image how I want it. I tend to shoot a little wide and crop later so this is pretty standard for me.


STEP 8: In this last step is I used the new Radial tool to create a vignette that not only keeps the attention on Scott but decreases the sharpness off the outside area.



Photoshop World 2013


Photoshop World 2013