I have been using a Softbox III from LumiQuest for a while now and while I love the light produced when using it, I wasn’t real happy with the way the softbox felt when attached to my Sb900. The sheer weight of the softbox caused it to move and I solved this by using a second strap on the outside of the softbox to hold it in place.

It seems that I was not the only photographer to notice this and LumiQuest has now come up with a free solution. LumiQuest has started to send out fixes to photographers who ask. The following was posted in the Strobist.com forum on Flickr.

Shortly after the release of our SoftBox lll, we received an e-mail from a photographer (Allan Levene) who was experiencing a less than secure attachment of the SB lll to his flash. We hadn’t really experienced that problem, probably because our tests pretty much consisted of shooting thru it, not knocking it around…so we did just that. The result was a really simple “fix” that I think completely solves the problem. If you are experiencing this problem, e-mail us atcustomerservice@lumiquest.com and we’ll send you the “fix” free of charge (they are now being included in every SoftBox lll we ship).

I have recieved the fix in the mail today and it works great. The extra piece of velcro works well holding the Softbox secure to the flash.