Last year Scott Diussa and I filmed a class for Kelby Training on the ins and outs of concert photography. I am now pleased to say that the Kelby folks have released an iPad / iPhone app that allows you to watch the Kelby training classes on your iDevice. You can download the app here: KELBY TRAINING APP

The app is free but you will need to be a subscriber to Kelby Training to get the content. For the details on the subscriber plans, go to

The app works really well and while I know it took many many hours of work on the side of the Kelby team, using the app is simplicity itself. The first screen will show you an introduction video and ask for your username and password.

Once you are logged in you can now look for the classes you want to watch right on your iPad / iPhone. On the bottom of the screen you can search for courses or just look for those taught by specific instructors. I’m partial to the Real World Concert class but feel free to pick your favorite.

Watching the class on the iPad is just plain awesome. The video and audio is crisp and clean and the navigation is simple. You can just click on the segment that you want to watch and it appears in the video window.

Tap on the video and you can watch it full screen and if you have an Apple TV set up you can use the AirPlay to stream the video to your television. What a great way to watch online training.

Congrats tot he whole Kelby Training team for really making this a great app. I only wish it would have been released earlier so I could have included it in my iPad 2 Fully Loaded book.