My new book, iPad 2 Fully Loaded is now available wherever books are sold. This book is the follow-up to the iPad Fully Loaded which was released very late in 2010. I really just want to make a few things clear. The first and most important is that the while there is a small overlap in content, especially when it comes to email and the basics of syncing, the books are different. The second point is that other than the sections on the iPad 2 cameras, the two models of iPads (the original and the iPad 2) are close enough that the books work whatever model of iPad you have.

So what does the iPad 2 Fully Loaded cover? Well, here is the table of contents:

You can purchase the book at the following outlets or if you want a signed copy, feel free to email me at

AMAZON: iPad 2 Fully Loaded

BARNES AND NOBLEiPad 2 Fully Loaded

BORDERSiPad 2 Fully Loaded

WILEYiPad 2 Fully Loaded