It has been a very busy week. Lots of writing, not much photography.

If you are based in San Diego, I am leading a photo walk as part of  The Scott Kelby 2nd Annual Worldwide Photo walk. The walk is going to be in my neighborhood of Ocean Beach. Great place to photograph. To sign up for my walk, just go HERE.

Not only am I behind on my writing, I am also behind on my reading. I picked up Within The Frame by David duChemin two weeks ago and it sits on my desk mocking me. David is a great photographer and I am very eager to dive into this book. Problem is that I haven’t had the time and didn’t want to just rush right through it. Of course i have paged through it and the images are stunning. Hopefully I will get to read it in the next week or so. You can read more David on his blog HERE.

Huge review of the Nikon D5000 over at Digital Photography review. Read all about it HERE.

Joe McNally has a had his website redesigned. I looks great.