The Epicenter 2012 show was held at Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre yesterday. Wait.. it’s now called the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre and according to rumors, might not even exist this time next year. This year, the line up included only one band I had photographed before, Bush. The rest of the main stage line up was Dead Sara, Chevelle, Scars on Broadway, Deftones and Stone Temple Pilots. I also managed to capture the final set on the festival stage by the Hollywood Undead.

Hollywood Undead is an American rap rock band from LA, California.  The band members wear their own unique masks. Currently the band  consists of Charlie Scene, Da Kurlzz, Danny, Funny Man, J-Dog, and Johnny 3 Tears. The best part about this band was the drummer. He was great to watch.


After Hollywood Undead we moved over to the main stage. That’s when things started to go wrong. The photo pit was tiny. No way to move at all and combined with the two stationary video cameras setups, the pit absolutely sucked. It was actually so bad that I didn’t bother to even go in it for the Deftones.

Dead Sara is a rock band based out of LA who were great to shoot. Can’t wait to see / shoot them again.

Next up was Chevelle who for some reason have a bull on the stage. I’m probably missing something, but it did make for an interesting backdrop.

Scars on Broadway was founded in 2008 by System of a Down members Daron Malakian and John Dolmayan. And while John is no longer in the band, Daron continues to lead this band. For me, the highlight photographically was watching Dominic Cifarelli on bass.

Next up was Bush. The first time I shot Bush was at the Epicenter 2010 show. They rock…

The Deftones took the stage and by this time I had given up on the photo pit.

The last band of the day was Stone Temple Pilots.

There are no photos of the Stone Temple Pilots. Why? Because they expected the photographers to sign a rights grabbing release. I did not sign it. Therefore no photos of the Stone Temple Pilots. There will be a separate post on exactly what was in the release and what I did about it. Until then, enjoy these images from the show.