Week three of the Camp Freddy residency at the Roxy and the rumors of who the guests are fly around the crowd. The one thing we all know for sure is that Frankie Perez will be there since his band is opening the show (and they did a fantastic job). The other guests are still a mystery….

The room is full, the crowd is patient until the opening chords of Relax start to come from the stage. For the third week the band starts off with a loud, driven, extremely fun version of the Frankie goes to Hollywood tune. The core band members strut around the stage under the strobe lights and the show has officially kicked off….

The setlist for week three included Seven Nation Army, Highway to Hell, Helter Skelter, All Right Now, Youth Gone Wild, Sweet Child, Paradise City Foxy Lady and Sharp Dressed Man. The guests were as impressive as the set sit with Frankie Perez, Gilby Clarke, Mark McGrath, Billy Duffy, Glenn Hughes, Steve Stevens, Steven Adler, Sen Dog, Chino Moreno and Billy Gibbons.

On the technical side, shooting was tough since the lights seemed to be particularly red this night and I made the decision early on that I would be converting the images to Black and White. All Images taken with Nikon D3 and D700 cameras on Hoodman CompactFlash cards.