Night three

Same band

Very different location. This time the show was at the Palladium in Hollywood, CA. This show was a mix of the good, the bad and the annoying. First off, a 120 mile drive took close to 4 hours due to the traffic. This was Saturday traffic which is usually less than weekday traffic but it seems that Southern California drivers  can’t seem to keep from running into other Southern California drivers. I saw at least 4 different car accidents, all of which caused traffic in both directions on the freeway to crawl to a halt while people tried to see what happened.

I arrived at the venue and went off in search of the will call window and press table to pick up my credentials for the night. This ended up being a very frustrating experience, and while everything turned out just fine, the incompetence of certain people was staggering. There was a moment when I could actually see my name on the media list through the window while the person at the window kept telling me I had no photo pass. Totally maddening.

On the technical side of things, there was no photopit on the first two nights I shot in Temecula, but here in Hollywood there was a really nice big photopit; that filled up fast. Seems that there was a T.V. show doing some filming and not only did they have a camera man in the pit, they had four other people who just kinda stood around. Well, they stood around and got in the way.

I realized that I had a ton of photos and since the stage was the same for all the shows I would just shoot around them. So the gallery below has no real images of anyone other than Steve Stevens, Billy Idol and Billy Morrison. There were guys I could focus on and stay out of the cameras way. I stayed to the sides of the stage and shot across, something I like to do. I limited the gallery to 25 this time and am pretty happy witht he results I got. All the post processing was done in Adobe lightroom 3.

My thanks to Steve and Gwen, you guys both rock and I really could never have done this without you two.