I have never shot Anthrax before and was really looking forward to it. But let me backtrack a little here and talk about the venue and the set up. It was the last night of the Jagermeister Music Tour and the show was at the Gibson Amphitheater located at Universal Studios in Los Angeles. If there is one thing I can say about the setup at Universal is that they are really very serious about security. I saw more members of the Sheriffs department and uniformed security than at any other time in recent memory. We were told to meet 30 minutes before the show to get escorted into the venue by a Live Nation rep and then we sat there for 25 minutes waiting to be escorted to the photo pit. Finally we were let into the pit and I started on stage left, not my usually starting point. I like to start on stage right but you can’t always start where you want.

Anthrax took the stage and i realized that the there was a ton of light. I was able to drop the ISO to 800 at times and push the shutter speed all the way to 1/800 of a second.

What a great band to photograph.

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