New versions of the Adobe creative suite will be announced on 9/23/2008 and the only way to see the unveiling is to register with Adobe. You will need to go to and sign up. 

There has not been much leaked info on the new features of Adobe Photoshop CS4, except for a few tidbits from John Nack. These include the fact that CS4 will be 64 bit for Windows but still 32 bit for the MAC and a new interface for the MAC that supposedly looks more like the windows version. For more on the UI changes, read Johns Blog here:

“As the CS3 product cycle was wrapping up, Adobe’s user interface designers started showing their ideas for subsequent releases.  Lots of things (tabbed documents, improved panel management, more usable workspaces, etc.) seemed like slam dunks.  On the other hand, the designs all featured a prominent “application frame“–a window containing both UI elements & documents–on both Mac and Windows.”