One of the first (and best) concert shoots of 2016 was the Gen Axe show at Humphreys Concerts by the Bay. One of the highlights of that show was being able to photograph Zakk Wylde for the first time. 2017 has started off with a Zakk Wylde concert shoot but this time it was Zakk Sabbath and the venue was Brick by Brick, a VERY different concert photography experience than Humphreys. Brick by Brick is a smaller, crowded, loud, indoor venue that does not have any photo pit, a low ceiling, and not much in the way of lighting. What Brick by Brick does have is enthusiast crowds, a low stage, and tons of energy

It has been a long time since I shot a show without a photo pit and I made some decisions right off the bat as to where I would shoot from and what gear I would use. With the front of the stage area packed, i chose to work off to the side and siren I knew that my friend Dustin was shooting the show for the band and would be up front when the show started, so I knew that he would have that angle covered. Many times I look for angles or positions that are different to the other photographers as it’s no fun when everyone gets the same shot.

The gear for this shoot was the Nikon D4 and D750 camera bodies with he 70-200mm f/2.8 for the long shots across the stage and the 16mm f/2.8 fisheye used for the close-up stuff. This combination worked out really well and allowed me to not only capture some great shots of the musicians but also show the intimate size of the club. It was a real honor to be shooting alongside one of my friends as while we have talked a lot about concert photography over the years, we had never actually shot the same show before. You should check out Dustin Jacks photography work on his website HERE. Dustin has a great eye and a distinctive style that makes his work stand out. 

In this last shot, you can see Dustin shooting right on the edge of the stage.

More to come…