Every July I spend a week in geek heaven, commonly called The Con, or more accurately the San Diego Comic Con. The same people who put on the San Diego Comic Con also run WonderCon, which took place this past weekend in Anaheim, CA. and I was there for my first time (for two of the three days) WonderCon was a blast. I had a great time seeing all the people dressed up as their favorite characters and posing at the fountain. Here are some of my favorite photos from WonderCon, and I’m already planning on going to WonderCon 2018.

WonderCon is smaller than Comic Con, without the giant booths on the expo floor, but there was a lot of traffic at the artist tables and the small press areas. It was good to see the fans being able to talk to the artists and get sketches and artwork. It was great to touch base with Dave, Alex and Allen. 

There are always a few who just don’t follow the rules and in the end ruin it for all. This idiot decided to walk in the fountain instead of just staying to the edge like all the rest. What a jackass.

As with the san Diego Comic Con, I was there working. This time it was for two of my favorites, Gotham and Lucifer doing booth signings…. except there were no booths, they did the signings in a dedicated room upstairs. The environment was pretty sterile, but the casts and the fans more than made up for it. Next up is Comic Con in July.