What the hell is W.H.I.M.S ? Well, it is an acronym that Scott Kelby came up with to help in checking those critical settings before shooting. Since I shoot a ton of events and concerts using the 800 – 1600 ISO settings, I have a habit of just leaving my camera on ISO 1600. Well this doesn’t help when I grab the camera to do anything else. So when Scott posted about W.H.I.M.S a while back,I made a little card with the following on it.

  • W: White Balance
  • H: Histogram
  • I: ISO
  • M: Motor drive
  • S: Shooting Mode( Aperture P, Shutter P, Manual.)

My little card is now worn and torn and it is time for a new one. This time I am going to laminate it and attach it to the camera bag along with a lens cleaning cloth. One of those that has a built in clip. Then that little white card can act as a reminder to set up my camera before I start to shoot.

To see Scotts original post on W.H.I.M.S go here.