To Flickr or not to Flickr


Some pretty big news in the photo sharing world today. Yahoo has updated its Flickr service. The changes probably sound pretty good. You get a full terabyte of photo storage. Can upload in full resolution and share the images on any device. Sounds pretty good.

Yet, I will still not use the free service from Yahoo. I have a good reason. It has to do with a large number of my images being stolen from my Flickr account, used on a site that sold advertising, and I was never contacted or compensated. According to the site that stole the images, they used the Flickr API to remove the images from the Flickr site and their actions were legal (I disagreed). I contacted Flickr to find out how my images were downloaded even with my settings set to disallow that. After multiple attempts to get this resolved, I never did manage to get a real response from Yahoo, so I cancelled the account.

The site that stole the images is out of business.

To me, these changes that have been announced today will just make it easier for companies to get higher resolution versions of my images.

And one more thing…

  • It’s not Biggr, it’s Bigger
  • It’s not Spectaculr, it’s Spectacular
  • It’s not Wherevr, it’s Wherever

Please stop making up words…



  1. I completely agree. This is exactly the reason why I’ve never used it either. I don’t need the validation of my work and the kudos and I certainly don’t value those enough to risk having my work spread through the Net and before you know it, you’ve lost control.

  2. You know my answer to unlicensed commercial use. Register your photos and sue their ass.


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