I received the following information in a comment on this blog. I wanted to post it here so that if any of the folks out there want to contact Diana directly, then they can.

I am working with a NY LawFfirm now. We are putting together a Class Action Law Suit.

My story is from Jan 31 2009 when I logged onto Ticketmaster at 9:59am for Jimmy Buffett at DTE Aug 13 2009 and I unknowingly was redirected to TicketsNow to complete my purchase that I still thought was Ticketmaster. After a few minutes and receiving confirmation of my order I realized someting was wrong. I paid $877.XX for 2 Seats. My timestamp on my purchase was 10:02AM. Two minutes after tickets went on sale. Tickets now policy is they will not sell any tickets that are not in their hand (I have the email from their customer service agent). Also the seats they sold me do not exist. My row goes up to 50 and they sold me 99 & 100. I called DTE today to confirm that yes those seats do not exist.

My husband and I are not seeking a proffit. My husband is looking for the difference to be refuned which equals about $600. I myself am a little more vivilant in getting this to come to a stop to protect others. Our economy is in termoil, I know what the mistake did to our family emotionally and mentally. I do not want to see anyone experience this too.

I have my full story posted everywhere I can on the internet.

I am looking for Anyone or Anything you can give me to help stop this Fruad. It is greatly appreciated. Thanks for you time…

Diana Wenzel
Toledo OH

Good luck. Ticketmaster needs a wake-up call.