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On Friday, May 24, I got up really early and drove up to Los Angeles to spend the day at the Kelby Training Live Seminar: The Shoot Like a Pro Tour. Now some of you might be asking why I did this? I am a professional photographer already, a photographer who has written 7 photography books on subjects ranging from exposure and composition to concert photography. I know quite a bit about photography in general and a lot about shooting in low light. I went to the seminar in hopes of learning a few new tricks, in hopes of getting a few new tips and I was not disappointed. The day was absolutely packed with photography information, both things I already knew and stuff that I had not thought of. When you combine all that information with Scott Kelbys’ easy delivery, funny stories and money saving tips, this was one of the best seminars yet.

The day is broken into five separate sessions, each one dealing with a different aspect of shooting. The first section deals with camera settings and how to get the sharpest images without getting too technical. One of the more interesting parts of this section was the internet myths around photography and photo gear. There is a lot of misinformation floating around the Internet (surprise, I know) and this section did a great job of debunking the myths.

The rest of the sections cover everything from Travel, Landscapes, Portraits and composition. There were a ton of great tips and stuff that I knew, stuff that I had thought about but not paid enough attention too and stuff that was new. Right now, there are not any more dates for the tour, but I am sure that will change soon. For information on the tour, go HERE.


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  1. Great point. I don’t think I’ve ever been to any workshop that I didn’t either come away with something I had missed previously or some shortcut that would make life easier. I know I will never come to a point where I have “arrived” in my art but that’s really not all that depressing. It means I can keep learning and have fun the rest of my life in my chosen profession. Plus, sometimes I just like to attend these events just to get a little inspiration to move me forward. Hopefully, this tour will come reasonably close to my area and the cost, even if you’re not a NAPP member, is a steal!

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