There are some great learning opportunities out there these days. Between seminars, online training, DVD, and books, you can get instruction on just about any thing from dome of the best practitioners around. This is really true when it comes to photography. Now, two of the best “lighting guys” have teamed up and this seminar has the potential to be really great.

How can I say that?

Because I have taken classes from both Joe McNally and David Hobby in the past and their mastery of the subject and their ability to pass that on is top notch. The real difference is in the way they use the technology. Joe shoots TTL (through the lens) allowing the Nikon flash system to do some of the heaving lifting and seems to have the attitude that if one light looks good, 8 lights will look better. What I have seen from David is great use of radio triggers, treating the small flash as a dumb studio light and controlling the results by understanding the impact that aperture and shutter speed have on the exposure.

Both of them can light anything better than I can.

So these guys decided to team up and take their show on the road… literally. They got a bus, planned a route and are heading out. For all the gory details, check out the

Here is a little something that I put together in photoshop just for fun.