This week it feels like I am swimming through molasses.

I have been writing my ass off but still can’t seem to catch up to my overdue deadlines. It’s not so much the writing part, but the images that need to go along with it.  New book, new images.

I have also been approved to lead a photowalk here in San Diego as part of the Scott Kelby 2nd annual Word Wide photowalk. For more info on that, got to the photowalk site HERE or straight over to my sign up page HERE. It will be fun. We will be shooting in my neighbor hood of Ocean Beach. Lots of fun.

I know that I haven’t made any real announcement about it yet, but i will be teaching at the Photoshop World in Vegas this year and got a pretty nice write up on their blog. It is over HERE.

Have a reat rest of the week and look for more regular posts soon.