Silver Efex 2 Samples

Over the last few weeks, I have been putting Silver Efex Pro 2 through it’s paces. I have been using to transform my images to Black and White, I have added borders, and mixed the color withe the Black and White layers in Photoshop.

The following images are some of the experiments that I have done with Silver Efex Pro 2


Here are some photos from the StrikeForce MMA fights. The ability to create a great look Black and White lets these photos take on a classic look that just make a huge difference.



These photos were taken in the Gibson showroom in Beverly Hills for the release of the Billy Morrison Signature Les Paul guitar.


I recently shot Motorhead in concert. Lemmy seemed like a great subject for some Silver Efex Pro 2 treatment.


I spent some time at the zoo, shooting with a Nikon P7000, one great compact camera.


A few years ago I was wondering around New York city during the day waiting to shoot some shows at night. I took a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and thought those shots would be great for testing out Silver Efex Pro 2

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