Part 3.. So many bands and so much to cover and I am only half way through the first day. I had just finished listening to Shooter Jennings and it was time to head over to the main stage to hear Devendra Banhart.

Devendra Banhart

I had never heard of Devendra Banhart before the Street Scene and had no idea what to expect. The photo pit was already close to full by the time I made it to the stage but getting in wasn’t a problem. The only actual problem was that Devendra was playing seated and  since the stage was quite high (it was the highest stage at the festival) the sight lines were not great.

Devendra_Banhart_SD_Street_Scene-14JB Devendra_Banhart_SD_Street_Scene-12JB



After one song I was escorted out of the photo pit since it seemed that I had shown up late. I made my way over to the Casbah stage again to catch local San Diego band Wavves.


This two piece had the local crowd really going. And while there was little hope that the lead singer would melt down like he did at the 2009 Barcelona Primavera Sound Festival they do put on a good show.

wavves-1JB wavves-2JB

Both shots were taken from the edges of the poto pit using the D700 and the 70-200mm lens. This was one of the easier stages to shoot. The pit was small, but the security was relaxed and calm. It was time to move back to the main stages for Band of Horses.

Band of Horses.

These guys are great. This was one set of music that not only did I enjoy shooting, but I also really enjoyed listening to. Great music, great attitude, great crowd. Great photos.

Band_Of_Horses_SD_Street_Scene-22JB Band_Of_Horses_SD_Street_Scene-17JB


Band_Of_Horses_SD_Street_Scene-8JB Band_Of_Horses_SD_Street_Scene-2JB

After hanging out and taking in most of the Band of Horses set, it was time to head back to one of the side stages for Mastadon.

End of part 3, Part 4 soon