Building a portfolio is not easy. It needs to grab a prospective clients attention and show the work you can do. The portfolio is only as strong as the weakest image in it. The person looking at your portfolio might remember the great shots but they will remember the worst ones. The problem that I have is the emotional connection I have to some of my images. These are the ones that tend to creep into the portfolio even though I know there are better shots. These are the hardest to get rid of, the most difficult to cut.

Right now I have created a set of images from the work I have done at the Valley View Casino Center and shooting the Mayhem Festival. I still need to go through the images from all the other shows I have shot….

Alan Hess Portfolio

One of the criteria that I have been using is to limit the number of images for each performer to a single image. Doesn’t matter how many great shots I got of a performer, there can be only one in the portfolio.