Day Two of Photoshop World started off with a good breakfast and some time spent going over my presentation. I have given talks about concert photography for a few years now, but I constantly go over the presentation, making sure that the information and images are up to date.

Being an instructor at Photoshop World is an honor. I never take it for granted… ever. So I stress over the details. The class went well. I felt comfortable and I believe that the information was well received. It was great seeing some friendly faces in the crowd.

After the class, I spent some time catching up with friends, then it was time to head over tot he Expo floor and see what was going on. The Expo floor is great. The latest and greatest software, hardware and lighting gear all in the same place. I was scheduled to give a presentation at the Nik Software booth on how I use Silver Efex Pro 2. I basically went through my workflow live. Thank you to all the folks who stopped by and watched.


I then spent some time checking out some of the other presentations going on, including one by Eric Valind 

And one by Patrick LaMontagne

One of the cool things on the Expo floor is the booth setup by Westcott  lighting. The bring in the lights, the models and some amazing makeup artists. It’s not only a great way to get some photography in, it’s a great way to see the lights in action.

My buddy Shelly was one of the makeup artists and she did a fantastic job, as usual.

Then it was off to dinner with my buddy Scott Diussa since he was leaving in the morning and we don’t really see each other when not at Photoshop World. Then I went off to MIDNIGHT MADNESS. Think of it as fight club. If I told you what went down, I would have to kill you. Actually it isn’t that bad. But to find out exactly what goes on, you will have to come to Photoshop World. They even have their own security.

Now while a group of folks went off after Midnight Madness to grab some In ‘n Out, I went back up to my room to go over my event photography class that I would be presenting at the NAPP Expo Theatre on the Expo floor. This was  a new class for me and I think it went really well. The crowd seemed to enjoy the stories and the photos.

Then it was over…

hard to believe but another Photoshop World was in the books. The conference wrap up was inspiring as usual. Moose Peterson, Dave Black, RC Conception and Frank Doorhof all gave great presentations.

As Dave said it best. Photoshop World is a lot like Neverland. I can’t wait to go back.