This year the After Hours party was held at BB Kings Club just down the street from the convention center. Right before the party, we had dinner at the Greek restaurant next door. The spread was amazing, with plate after plate of great food and good conversation. They even had a belly dancer who tried to get Zack Arias to do a little a shaking.

Then it was time to head into the club and catch Scott Kelby and his band, Big Electric Cat. Now the funny part of this is watching the photographers in the crowd start to crowd the stage to get some of those Rock ‘n Roll shots.

Seriously, in the same photo pit, you have David Ziser, Zack Arias, Drew Gurian and a multitude of others.At this point, I just sat back and watched. I wanted to get an angle that would make my photos stick out and not look the same as all the others. I watched for a side angle and when Kalebra stepped back from the microphone, the red light from a side light framed her hair.

This turned out to be one of my favorite shots of the whole week. Needless to say that the party went late and even as we left BB Kings, there was still Rock ‘n Roll in the air. A few of us stopped at the bar next door and took in a few songs by a local three piece. The rocked the joint pretty hard.

More to come…