Have you been to Photoshop World? If you are a photographer, photoshop user, designer, professional or amateur you should seriously consider going to Photoshop World.

I went to my first Photoshop World back in 2002 when it was held at the San Diego Convention Center. It was a two day event held on March 16 – 17 and it really did change my life. I still have the work books from that Photoshop World on my book shelf. I thought it would be fun to show you the classes offered back in 2002.

That was Day 1, here is Day 2

So how did these classes change my life? Was it the information I got from the Down & Dirty Tricks 2002 class or was it the great instructors like Ben Willmore and Julieanne Kost, or maybe it was seeing the new technology at the Tech Expo?

It was a combination of all of the above and more. I left Photoshop World motivated and inspired. I still remember sitting in Photoshop & the Creative Process and thinking WOW… I could do that. I saw how Ben Willmore made Advanced Image Adjustments and couldn’t wait to run home and try them. It was like that for every class I went to.

Now Photoshop World has changed over the years. It’s now a three day conference with an optional pre-conference workshops. There are now way more classes, instructors and opportunities to be inspired than ever before. The truth is that without actually going to Photoshop World it is very hard to understand Photoshop World.

Here are the links if you want to take the plunge and see what Photoshop World is all about…


If you do decide to join me at Photoshop World, you will definitely want to take this advice to heart:

10-tips-for-Getting-the-Most-Out-of Photoshop World

Here are some of the photos I took at the past couple of Photoshop Worlds. This is the first time these are all in the same place.  I hope it gives you a little glimpse at what goes on.