Day three started with a flash and a rumble. I woke up thinking that someone was using a flash in my hotel room, which didn’t seem right. Turns out I had fallen asleep with the curtains partly open and the flash I saw was lightning. The weather had gone from a slight drizzle the night before to a full-blown storm. Coming from San Diego and expecting nice Florida spring time weather , I only had shorts and short sleeves. Good thing that the hotel had a convenient covered walkway from the hotel to the convention center. When I say convenient, I mean really long and out-of-the-way. It took a good half hour to get across the street, a trip that usually take about 6 minutes, but I stayed dry.

Today was a big day for me, I was teaching a new class based on my Exposure Digital Field Guide and the Composition Digital Field Guide and I was nervous. I am always nervous before teaching, but this was a new class and it needed to cover a lot of stuff. My plan was to try to teach exposure and composition without actually using too many numbers. I really wanted people to try to work on the ideas and not the picky details. I  got some great feedback from attendees after the class and over the next few days. I really want to thank everybody for coming and staying for the class. I know that you have other options and I hope that the class was worth your time. If I get the opportunity to teach the class in Las Vegas, I will make a few tweaks but overall I was really happy with it.

After I was done with my class, I planned on heading over to see the panel on Blogging but was asked by an attendee to look over his portfolio. So I did that instead and it was a pleasure. A very talented photographer who really wanted me to be as critical as possible….. I can do that.

Then my day turned into a series of meetings that I won’t bore you with but I did make it to the Expo floor for a little live taping of the Photoshop User TV. Then I snuck over to the Wescott booth and grabbed a few shots of the model setups. I plan on doing a separate post on the expo floor so wait for that. Then it was time for another meeting. (yes, I had more meetings this conference than any other and they were all great.)

I then made my way over to the show office to grab a bite to eat, not realizing that lunch was long over. Time had just flown by, it happens. So I took the long walk back to the hotel and grabbed a bite of dinner with a great group of folks, including Vanelli and Dave Cuerdon. Next stop: Midnight Madness.

If you have never been to Photoshop World then chances are you have never heard of Midnight Madness. Think of it as the pressure release valve. It’s the time to blow off a little steam and just relax. The absolute highlight of Midnight Madness for me was getting to be part of the catapult team for the live Angry Birds game. Suddenly it was midnight and time to get some sleep. I graciously turned down an offer to go grab a burger, still being stuffed from dinner and went to get some much-needed sleep.

More to come….