We lost our best friend this morning. Odessa passed away quietly with Nadra and myself by her side.


When we adopted her nearly ten years ago, we had no idea of the effect she would have on us and how she would change our lives for the better. She went to work with me every day and when I started to work at home, she would curl up in my office while I wrote. She was a constant companion to me until my wife got home, then it was all about her.


They had very special bond. One that doesn’t happen all that often.

There were times that it seemed like Odessa and Nadra were communicating telepathically.

Right now I am smiling through the tears as I think of the way Odessa would run out to greet my wife, then run back in the house to bark at me, letting me know that Nadra was home.


We will miss her every day of our lives. She was one of a kind.