A lot has been made of the high ISO / low noise capabilities of the Nikon D4. I can’t wait to shoot this beast during a concert and I will be getting that opportunity later this week. But in the meantime I wanted to see what the files shot at ISO 6400 actually look like. So I photographed my dogs in the house.

I used ISO 6400 and the natural light that was coming in through the windows and doors. Again, I was amazed at the files produced by the camera.

Shot at ISO 6400, 1/250 second and f/4.5

Shot at ISO 6400, 1/32 second, f/4.5

Here is a 100% crop form one of the images. Keep in mind, this was shot at ISO 6400.

and here is the original file that the crop was taken from

Stay tuned for more posts on the D4 in real world situations.

UPDATE *****

Here is a 100% crop of an image that is right out of the camera. It was shot in RAW and imported into lightroom and exported as a jpg. No noise reduction or any other post production tricks.