I am working on the final edits on my new book. It is called Night & Low Light Photography Photo Workshop. It is part of the Photo Workshop series of books and has been really interesting to write. The first problem was to decide on what content would be in the book. What is low light photography? I know that fireworks and long exposures were a given, but what about light painting or photographing a wedding in a dimly lit church? The moon and cityscapes¬† along with light trails are all a given but how about getting a portrait indoors or photographing a room with mixed lighting? ¬†Well, all of these are covered and more…..

I’ll give out more details when the book nears publication at the end of the year.

Right now I believe that this is the cover image. It is a shot of fireworks and their reflections taken at 4.7 seconds, f/10, ISO 200